Linten Technologies

The average 10-user company costs over £1,500 per day to simply sit still; IT problems mean your staff cannot be generating revenue so you are losing money. Welcome to the world of proactive IT support.

It's like having your very own in-house support engineer.

A computer network is very often taken for granted and only when things go wrong do businesses realise the importance of investing in proactive IT support.

Having agreed the best package for you, we carry out regular `health checks' to ensure that key software components such as viral protection, firewalls, windows updates, driver patches etc are kept up to date.

We make sure data backup and storage retrieval systems have sufficient capacity to avoid causing problems in the immediate future. Provide a network audit of your systems, discounted rates on call-outs and remote technical assistance.

Let us keep your IT working properly so that you can concentrate on running your business whilst enjoying a stress free IT life.

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