Linten Technologies

Comprehensive, scalable solutions for all your hosting needs.

There are many companies offering website hosting and some from as little as 99p, but beware not all are the same. One of the reasons why so many can offer cheap hosting is they cram as many sites as they can on a single server. This can cause a number of issues including sites running slowly because they are all fighting for the same CPU power and memory. Another reason is the servers may be hosted overseas in the USA, Europe or even Australia this again can cause your website to run slow because of the time lag. There is also the issue of time difference all good webhosting companies will perform maintenance and updates and these are done "out-of-hours" but if your server is on the other side of the world than their "out-of-hours" could be your peak time!

We own and operate all our servers which are housed in a secure data centre located on the Manchester Science Parks here in the North West which have security staff on site 24/7, CCTV cameras (both internal and external), motion detection and a key fob access system ensures a high level of security with multiple layers of security. The Data Centre is powered by two diverse 6.6kV feeds from the national grid and two 2MW Generators with at least 7 days supply of fuel in case of mains failure. In the event of a mains outage the n+1 UPS provide battery power to sustain load until the generators start up as well as ensuring a clean electrical supply.

With so much equipment it's important to keep a nice cool temperature. Air conditioning is provided by underfloor cooling, the air flow directed appropriately by grilles in the floor. The capacity of the equipment is such that a failure of one unit can be handled by the other units. A full VESDA system that provides early detection of smoke is in place so that any potential fire is detected before it can develop. In the extremely unlikely event that a fire does develop a FM200 gas fire suppression system is triggered. 

If you would like a tour of the facility then simply give us call.